Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Did You Know?

Did you know...
that you can put dryer lint into your compost?
(I always wondered what I could do with it:)

Just a little tid-bit I came upon recently.


Yummy Mommy said...

My husband uses drier lint when we go hiking as a fire starter. He drenches it in candle wax. Then the lint acts as a wick and will withstand many conditions and stay lit longer than most other fire-starters. Very useful when it is drizzling rain or wood is not totally dry and takes a little longer to get going.

Kim from Hiraeth said...

If you put the dryer lint outside, the birdies will use it to line their nests, too.

I used to cut the boys' hair out on the porch in the springtime and sweep the hair into the yard and then we'd sit on the porch and watch the birds come pick up the hair and take it to their nests.

Homemanager said...

One more use for dryer lint...if you make your own decorative paper you can add dryer lint for interest or color. Something I read that came with a paper making kit.

Kim and I are on the same page again! I just did some haircuts out on the porch last week. :o)