Sunday, March 30, 2008

Starting Up

Did you know that there are approximately 14 blogs started every second? Startling, isn't it? I'd even go so far as to say, creepy. There are 173 people born every second. Considering most of the world's population lives in the poorest countries - without computers and the world wide web at their fingertips - this number of blogs started is clearly displaying our fascination with the new phenomenon of the blogosphere.

Another statistic I found, said the average blog lasts only 8 weeks. This makes me feel a little better about abandoning ship on my blog for almost a year. But it also makes me hesitant to start up writing again, since I don't like be a "quitter" - and by "starting up"... I wonder if I'm just setting myself up to become a statistic.

Nonetheless, I am tapping away at my keyboard, willing to face my fear in this regard, and put my words to the screen. Hopefully I'll be able to keep it up and develop some "stick-to-it-iveness"... as I try to encourage my boys to work with perseverance. And hopefully, in the process of this forum of shared ideas/information, we all will be encouraged to love God more, plus equipped to serve Him fully.

Dear friends, I welcome your dialogue and I thank you for your patience with me, as I've taken my hiatus.


Abbey said...

Welcome back. I must let you know that even though you haven't written in almost a year, I have faithfully been checking your blog for an update because I love reading your writings. I'm very glad to see that you're back :)
Also, thank-you for the bun recipe. I have yet to try making them myself as I've lost the paddles for my breadmaker :( Maybe I'll be REALLY brave and try making them the old fashioned way. I'll let you know.

Marlene S. said...

Guess bread maker died I may be doing the same for a while. Let me know how you fare!

Homemanager said...

I want to join Abbey in saying "Welcome Back!!!" I too have "dropped in" periodically to see if you were "having coffee" :-)

I'm look forward to hearing what the Lord has been teaching you, Marlene! I know you have some good things to share with us...