Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Eaglet

Last week we finished up Pioneer Girls for the year. To celebrate with the girls, we had a musical concert. It was a delightful time and filled with a variety of stlyes of music - ranging from classical to bluegrass.

Every year at our closing event, I want to be sure to have the gospel clearly spoken, since we have many girls attending that come from homes where Jesus is not known. This year I was really struggling in who to ask to speak to our assembly. The time kept drawing nearer and nearer, and I was beginning to grow a little nervous - although I was also trying to be faithful by praying and trusting God.

Then last week I was reading a book by Jim Elliff for my youngest son. As I read line after line, I suddenly realized this was the book to read for the concert. That same afternoon I sat and scooted around the internet for some music that I could use as a "backdrop" for the book. Since I used to work at a radio station, I expected to spend a significant amount of time finding and editing background music, but by God's grace and as a true miracle, within one hour the whole production was complete. I was absolutely stunned! He had led me music that fit wonderfully with the words that Pastor Elliff had written.

For any of you that are interested in the book, you can find it here. You can buy copies for $3.16 ($2.77 if you buy 2 or more) ,... which might make this a nice book to give for birthdays, Christmas, etc. Hope you enjoy it and can share it with a little one in your life!

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Homemanager said...

Thank you for the recommendation, Marlene! It sounds like an excellent book.
The Lord is so wonderful! I marvel how He leads me at times...
In fact, I was talking to my husband about purchasing a planner. I wanted something that was smaller that my current planner. One that I could possible put in my purse.
Yesterday, I took my children out to get summer clothing and I prayed that the Lord would lead us and grant us wisdom and good buys. As I was (rather aimlessly) wandering through this one section, I noticed a clearance rack. It had some planners on it and there was one in particular that seemed to fit my thoughts. It even matched my purse! :-) After getting it home, I realized it was exactly what I wanted in a planner. I'm so thankful that we can ask and He is more than happy to bless us.