Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Great Clips

We went to Great Clips after dinner to get the manes under control. Big boy was having a difficult time giving up the mullet that he's been grooming on the sly. After deciding to "delay" the longer hair until hockey season, he got a nice, respectable crew cut, complete with gel to push up the bangs. As for the longer hair - I'm hoping it will be too hot under the hockey helmet and will not turn into a mullet again. (Is mommy being too manipulative :)

Son #2 got a buzz cut. "Buzz cut.... that sounds like a cool hair cut," was older brother's comment.
Then tonight as the buzzed one was getting into bed, he said, "my head doesn't even feel like it's on with all my hair missing."

What fun is to be had with just a simple visit to the hairdressers!!

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