Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Don't Change Course!

Recently, I've been working my way through Teri Maxwell's "Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit". Her third chapter deals with fears and worries that can discourage us and prevent us from living with a meek and quiet spirit. She discusses how God will use difficulties in what we are doing to refine and grow us - particularly when we are being careful to walk in God's way and the Enemy is working to dissuade us. She writes about the particular challenge of deciding to homeschool and the fears that bombard us about that choice.
Keep in mind that the Lord usses difficulties in what we are doing to refine and grow us. Seldom are those struggles a signal to undo what He has called us to do! THe problems should be pulling us to a greater level of seeking the Lord and depending on him. They should not be causing us to consider returning to where we were before He directed us to homeschool. Mentally recall some of the best-known Bible stories. In many of them, a godly man is given a specific task from the Lord. This person soon faces difficulties. Are these obstacles circumstances from the Lord to change His follower's direction? We know, without a doubt, that they are not.Yet, in our lives, we will question our homeschooling "call" when we face trials...... May we never choose to turn back from the path the Lord has set us upon simply because it isn't easy.
This morning in bible study, we were looking at Ezra 4, and the discouragement the people faced in building both the temple and the city walls. In their case, the discouragement kept them from completing the task at hand in a timely manner.
What a good reminder to "stick to it"... when we pray for the Lord's guidance and we struggle to keep faith in our ever-faithful, ever-true, and ever-loving heavenly Father... who is working all things out according to His plan and for our good (Rom.8:28).
Blessings, my fellow pilgrim!

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