Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Resolutions for a New Year

As part of my morning reading for 2010, I am attempting to put some time aside to read through some books that have been on my night table far too long. Why have they sat there, as some of them are really good books (I've been told by others, including dear hubby)? Probably a variety of reasons. But I'm going to try reading them a chapter a day. My prayer is that this will allow me to actually get to the end of these books (since many have bookmarks around chapter 3). Also I hope that this will give me the ability to process what I'm reading a little better, as some of these books are on the heavier, meatier side (John Owen, etc.) and for my dense mind, it is so slow to understand.

My first book is John MacArthur's Lord, Teach Me to Pray. I've started it 3 times I think. It's a small book. Beautiful pictures, beautiful paper, helpful thoughts (in the first chapter that I've read 3 times :)

I'm going to use this blog to record the quotes I find helpful of these books as well. So if you have read any of these titles, and want to comment on any of these thoughts, I would welcome your interaction. Maybe this would be even more helpful in working through these books, and in growing in a dialogue with these authors.

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Karin said...

Since I have a laptop I've found it hard to get back into reading books! I can sure identify just reading a few chapters and then leaving a book. It depends on the book though. In some books one can tell very quickly if they are even worth one's time to finish reading. Other books are so scholarly and I'm much more a practical person. Look forward to read what you have to share from your books!