Monday, May 15, 2006

My 2 Trees

Spring has definitely arrived in Southern Alberta. We’re poised to set a record in high temperature today, 30 degrees Celsius (86 fahrenheit for all the Americans reading this). I look forward to spending time in my new patch of dirt. We just put in a vegetable garden yesterday. Right now it’s just dirt, but with God’s blessing, we may see carrots, potatoes, lettuce, beets, etc. My son in trying to convince me to plant eggplants, but I’m not quite sure yet. Maybe it’ll be his experiment!

With the arrival of spring, I have come to anticipate the blossoms of 2 very special trees. One is a double-flowering plum. It comes out with incredible display of pretty pink flowers. The people who lived here before us planted it, and chose the perfect spot for it… maximum growth potential and maximum show. It’s like a diamond on display amidst my other trees.

My other "favorite tree" is a Hawthorne that was planted right behind the house. It is definitely the centerpiece of the yard, with beautiful spreading branches and lush foliage. This is the tree that I view out my kitchen window, so it also carries a special place in my heart, as I often enjoy looking at it while cleaning up dishes, or baking, or when I’m up to my elbows in tomatoes during canning season.

I’m gonna update with pictures everyday so you can enjoy the handiwork of the Creator unfurled in trees. Of course the camera will not do justice, but we'll give 'er a go!

Happy Spring!!

Update: Couldn't get the pictures uploaded yesterday. Here they are.


Kim from Hiraeth said...

I can't wait to see your pictures! Spring is still cool here, but all the flowering trees and shrubs have dropped their petals. I have one more flowering tree to go--our massively huge (well over 100' tall) catalpa. I can never quite remember when it blooms because it always takes me by surprise. I think it blooms out near the end of the month.

martha_martha said...

oh, to be back in the land of warm springs!;) well, maybe only this year - we've got record low temperatures of about 12 here (usually 30!) and it's cold... I think this is the first time I've longed for Canada in the spring since we've been here:) I've been enjoying reading your blog here and there over the past couple months, but obviously haven't been doing any work on my own - hope to update soon - it's been an absolutely crazy last month!

KehlerGirl said...

We too are enjoying this gorgeous weather that we're having. We've been spending the majority of our days outside. We even went for a rollerblading trip across town to my parents house last night. It was perfect weather for it even at 9:30 at night on our way back.

ReneeM said...

yeah!! I can't wait to see your pictures!! - Spring is finally and truly here (in the green form) - the grass is looking greener, and there are actually buds on the trees... YEAH!!!

Marlene S. said...

Kim, what's a catalpa? Guess I'll have to Google that one... Sounds neat though, by the name:)

martha_martha, yes, where have you been? Oh yeah, a couple of little ones, they'll thwart all blogging plans. Glad to hear from you:)

Homemanager said...

Here in NY, the temperatures have been cooler. We had a very mild winter and now a cooler spring. Maybe later I can get some pictures of some flowers and trees here! Thanks for sharing "your beauty spot" with us.