Monday, May 08, 2006

Reading Just Won't Go Away

Okay, okay. I said I was going to leave this "reading thing" alone, but I went to Susan Wise Bauer's blog, and came across an article that made my skin get a little bumpy. After that, I headed over to Trivium Pursuit Online, by the Bluedorn's (also proponents of classical education, but christian classical education). At their site, I found a helpful article about choosing literature to study. Thought I'd post all the links for you to explore.


opora said...

I highly respect the Bluedorn's work and if I ever do choose to continue with homeschooling, I would have no qualms of following their practical, yet biblical advice. Thanks for posting those Marlene!

Kim said...

I have been reading things by Susan Wise Bauer for five years now, and this article (which, by the way makes my skin bumpy, too) does not surprise me. I admire her views on education, but I don't know as if I would be 100% likeminded with her in many areas.

Homemanager said...

That was a dreadful article! It made me want to get sick...
The Lord has called the church to be "set apart" from the world. We are not supposed to look like it.

I've had to think about this whole area of women and daughter will be going to an engineering school, she earned 4 merit scholarships. She has the gifts and abilities that the Lord has given to her, however, when the Lord calls her to become wife and mother, she will answer that call with joy.

We hope that the Lord will bring her a husband of His choosing and children to fashion for the Masters use.
Until then she does need to support herself. I believe it is presumption on our parts, if we don't prepare our daughters to live in this world. We only see in part, the Lord is sovereign.
The other thing that I have been pondering is the different focus's:
The externals or the heart.

As a woman, I need to guard my heart from usurping the God-ordained order. If my husband requested that I work, then it would be right for me to work. I am his helpmeet. I do whatever he needs me to do.
I hope these thoughts are clear. I'm sleepy today. :o)
This is an area that has my concern.

opora said...

I abandoned Wise Bauer reading lists after one chapter into Odysseus as I realized that great literature, even if it is historical, is not god-honouring.

I pray that as we lead our daughters to support themselves, that the lure to be self-sufficient or successful is not counteractive to all that God wants us as women to be. I struggle with that as I think about my daughters future and how to prepare her...