Sunday, March 11, 2007

Interesting Find On Love

Just for your interest... not sure of the application of this "research" yet.

I did a search into "love" and the gospel/evangelism a few weeks ago, as part of my bible study.

Taking a look at the gospels and Acts, I found it interesting that the only time Jesus mentions God's love for people, or of His own love for people is John 3:16, when He is talking to Nicodemus and with His closest disciples (once Judas Iscariot leaves) just before His crucifixion in John 13,14,15 .

None of the sermons recorded in Acts begin with a discourse on God's love.

In the epistles, there are several discussions of God's love. But similar to the pattern of John's record, the mention of God's love is in letters written to the 'elect', the church, the believers, the remnant.

This has left me somewhat baffled at evangelism methods that suggest we should point to God's love first.

Guess I'll have to pray more and read God's Word more to learn why Jesus didn't come to earth and proclaim God's love. Clearly, He demonstrated the Father's love and, as John points out, He loved "to the end" with His actions. But my question (and I'm inviting feedback :) is: why didn't Jesus or Peter or Paul stand up and extol God's love in light of the cross? Why didn't they explain His love in this way to the unbelieving? Why is there silence about God's love outside the circle of those that are saved, or like Nicodemus (seeking Jesus so desperately that they are risking their necks and seeking Him out in the middle of the night... so hungry for the truth)?

What say you?

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Homemanager said...

My husband likes to say that in many ways the gospel is the "terms of surrender". We are saved from the wrath of God. We can accept the terms and be spared the wrath of the righteous and holy Judge that will return or we can reject the terms and suffer the just wrath.
In that you don't see love, but mercy...the mercy that endures forever. My thoughts! :o)