Tuesday, August 18, 2009

To Be Like Jesus

Sovereign Grace Music has released their second children's album, To Be Like Jesus, and I'd like to give my official two-thumbs up. The album offers a nice variety of styles of music, with a focus on the fruit of the Spirit.

My children have been struggling, particularly lately, with experiencing God's peace in the midst of our upturned life due to our move. The album addresses that.

The boys have been fighting and short-tempered with one another... the album addresses that.

Mommy has been struggling at displaying self-control and patience, as she's been working through boxes, on minimal sleep (while baby adjusts to the new home and life), and amidst the dryness of soul that comes when dear brothers and sisters are removed from one's life... the album points to Christ for help with such battles.

There are a few tunes that are a touch "rocky" for me... especially early in the morning, but overall, this is a great album... which explains why it's been in our CD player for almost 3 weeks straight.

Definitely different than Awesome God, but a favorite nonetheless!!

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