Friday, August 28, 2009

When Something You Love Disappears

Growing up, I was a barefoot girl. Would walk around the yard barefoot. Nice soft feet in April. Tough by June. Able to run on gravel by August.

Naturally, I would walk barefoot inside the home too. Unless, of course, it was cold enough to require socks.

Moving to Northern Alberta, Canada for post-secondary education necessitated the re-education of "minimal sock wearing" to include such words as angora, merino wool, and the like.

I still enjoyed walking barefoot or socked inside over the years that followed University - spurning my mother's constant slipper-wearing. Clip, clip, clip. They seemed so noisy. And she even took them on holidays with her - wearing them in hotels, at Auntie Irene's home, or in a camp cabin.

Six years ago we moved to an acreage that had ceramic tiles over much of the main floor and my feet began to ache when I would spend large amounts of time in the kitchen. I discovered slippers reduced the pain and began to search out good, comfortable slippers.

After looking through a few stores, found a pair at Wal-Mart of all places, and they cost just $12 to boot (no pun intended). I noticed after Christmas these same slippers had gone on sale, so I stocked up a little.

And then, last year, they changed the design of those slippers, so that now they flipped and flopped, rather than slipped and walked.

Out I was, looking from store to store, searching for the perfect slippers.

Last trip to Costco, I found some again!!! NukNuuks they are called. They come in pink and grey. I opted for the grey - more practical with all the goop I spill on them.

Well, they have gone missing!! I have searched high and low. Who knows where my beloved NukNuuks have disappeared, but I know we'll be making a trip to Costco soon to get another pair. In the meantime, I have been complaining... the floor is too hard. My feet are cold. Where are my NukNuuks????

How is it that something so insignificant can mean so much?? Oh... sin, I guess. Discontent. Here the good Lord was allowing me to experience a loss - though small, and I have been complaining. The words of Paul ring in my mind, "for I have learned to be content" (Phil.4:11). Maybe that's why my slippers went for a walk.

As I tread today Lord, may I rejoice in the discomforts, knowing that they teach me about You, and allow me to learn a little along my walk.

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geejac said...

last year I purchased some beige slippers from costco called nuknuuks. The best things I have EVER put on my feet. So figured this year I would watch for them again and purchase a few pairs so I would never be without again. WRONG move the ones they made this year are NOT as compfortable as last years, for some unknown reason. They are stiff, too high on the arch and just plain stiff. So somebody changed them just enough to be uncompfortable and they are only in black and navy blue. Beware. I am taking all my pairs back till I find the origionals.