Thursday, June 01, 2006

My 2 Trees- In Bloom

So I've got the picture uploaded finally. Sadly the blooms are almost all gone already. I must say, they were particularly beautiful this year. We had a flood go through our town last year after years of near-drought conditions, so our trees are singing this summer.

My time in the garden is at an all-time high right now. We put a vegetable patch in 2 weeks ago, which will add to the work outside. But I am hopeful for a crop of lettuce, etc. There is nothing quite as quick as hopping into the backyard to do your grocery shopping. And no one can beat the freshness.

Blessings to all you gardeners out there. May the Lord grant you sunshine and rain to make your crops break open the storehouses.


Kim from Hiraeth said...


ReneeM said...

Thanks for sharing... they are beautiful!!!

Homemanager said...

What beautiful trees and yard! Our gardening will be kept simple this year. We planted 4 cherry tomatoes, 4 pepper plants and 2 zucchini plants. All of these will grow in planters.
We tried container gardening for the first time last year. We had a great yield with the tomatoes and peppers.
There is nothing so tasty as fresh grown!

KehlerGirl said...

I'm all too excited to have a vegetable garden. It's not going to happen until we're able to move out to the country though. Hopefully that's not far away. We drove to Manitoba this past weekend and on the way home Jon and I actually planned what our garden will look like and what we'll grow in it. That just got me even more excited for the day I get to plant my own garden and walk out my back door to my very own produce department.
Your yard is beautiful by the way!

Marlene S. said...

Karen, I tried tomatoes this year. In our area they're actually a little difficult to grow because our nights (even in July and August) are pretty cool and stunt their growth. I'm getting some covers to try and get them going.

Abbey, if you ever need to itch your green thumb, just pop the children in the car and come on over for an hour or so of hoeing, weeding, whatever your fancy. My boys would be happy for the company (and mommy too:)