Monday, June 26, 2006

A Perk To Being A PW

So what's a PW, you ask? A Pastor's Wife.

And what perk could there be to such a role? Many. But today I want to highlight just one. I am grateful for the added understanding/ dimension/ perspective I receive from my husband's formal teaching. The added perspective because I know him better than any other person and with such nearness, comes a better understanding of his words as he expounds God's word. With such nearness, comes the understanding of his conviction of the truth - the deepness meant by certain tones of voice, the earnestness placed on particular phrases with (often subconciously placed) body language. With such nearness, comes the communion of soul as his heart is pleading with believers and unbelievers to understand words, when words are sometimes lacking to express the things of the spirit.

I've been cognissant of such added dimension twice in the last 2 weeks, and since they are actually correlated, I thought I'd share them.

First, last Sunday, Dan was working his way through Ephesians 2:4-10, and in his comments, he looked at the greatness of God's mercy and grace. He emphasized how God's GREAT mercy is highlighted by our incredible low state as sinners (verses 1-3). As we continued through the passage, God's GREAT grace is equally impressive in verse 8.

It struck me for the first time, that one of the greatest things about my testimony is not necessarily my salvation - though I am incredibly grateful to face eternity in heaven and I am full of praise for my redemption. One of the greatest things about my testimony is that it demonstrates God's character. I was struck afresh with God's delight at manifesting his GREAT mercy and GREAT grace.... highlighted by saving a dark, dead, immoral, impure, evil and corrupt girl named Marlene. You see, God relishes in showcasing HIMSELF. And it is not arrogant for Him to do so, since He is completely justified in doing so - He is God, after all. Plus His very character is worthy of praise and worthy of exalting. And one of the best ways for Him to "show off" the attributes of mercy and grace and love and faithfulness and forgiveness and patience and....(I could go on)... is by saving a human (such as myself), since we are the absolute opposite.

Well, hubby was sharing this, and I'd be curious if others in the class were able to share the plea of his heart, as I was privy to. It' s the same when we share depth of meaning with our spouses when we're talking with a group of people about a topic that is dear or sensitive to our lives in a "secret" or "intimate" or "private" sort of way. We all have these things that we share. Sadly, I fear, it is often the negative or difficult that we can "share a look" or "nudge an elbow" about, rather than the encouraging or helpful.

I'm thankful that this has made me mindful to listen even more intently as my husband teaches and preaches... so that I can partake in just a bit more of what God has enlightened his mind with, from the Word. This not only affords me the opportunity to know my husband more, but my Abba too. Now that is truly a perk worth writing about:)


Annette said...

thanks for sharing this perspective of being a pastor's wife. I find it hard sometimes to see the "perks" of this position...other than the fact that I love the man I married, but the expectations of others often override the perks. So Just wanted to say thanks.

Homemanager said...

Even though my husband is not a Pastor, I have sat and listened to him when he has had opportunities to share the "pleas" and "crys" that the Lord has laid on his heart.
You are so right about the intimate place that we have, knowing our husbands hearts. Praying with them, talking and fellowshiping with them, being an ear as they voice what is developing in their thoughts.
What an awesome priviledge we have!
Thank you for bringing a deeper understanding within the context of marriage!
Glory to God!

Homemanager said...

Just me again! :o) Wanted to tell you that I sent a link for this post, to all the Pastor's wive's that I know. I thought it was such an encouragment!
Thank you dear friend!