Thursday, June 01, 2006

Proverbs Bites

As I was reading through Proverbs 16 and 17 today, I came upon some real morsels of food for thought. Thought I’d just post them and let some of you snack on your way.

16:3 Commit to the Lord whatever you do,
and your plans will succeed.

(Prayed for my trip to Cotsco today, my fencing endeavor around my garden – post sure to come, the wedding shower gift I need to purchase, to name a few of my plans for the day.)

16:5 The Lord detests all the proud of heart.
Be sure of this: They will not go unpunished
(A good reminder about the destiny of all those "good people" that live an unrepentant & proud life around us in the supermarket, in our neighbourhood, and possibly in our homes. It is only the humble - those acknowledging their sinfulness and need for a Savior - that stand behind Christ's robe of righteousness and have the hope of heaven.)

16:32 Better a patient man than a warrior,
a man who controls his temper than one who takes a city.
(This should prove helpful with my "warring" sons... we are definitely in need of understanding of this verse in our home!)

17:3 The crucible for silver and the furnace for gold,
but the Lord tests the heart.

(A good reminder to examine my own heart... as our pastor said on Sunday... to look at the motives with which we live.)

17:4 Starting a quarrel is like breaching a dam,
so drop the matter before a dispute breaks out.
(Again, great for the children. But also helpful when we are hurt by others. Goes well with Jesus' "turn the other cheek".)

18:2 A fool finds no pleasure in understanding
but delights in airing his own opinions.
(A great check in the blogosphere.)

18:24 A man of many companions may come to ruin,
but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.
(Thank you Jesus for being that friend. And thanks to many of you, who have become close friends to me:)

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Kim from Hiraeth said...

I haven't been reading in Proverbs for a while. Thanks for sharing its wisdom and yours.