Monday, January 08, 2007

Clean-up Tips

Now that all the Christmas parties are done, we're faced with all the tidying up. Decorations, linens, lights - they all require our attention to re-claim "normal" in our homes. I've come upon a few helpful tips in these cleaning endeavours and will share them to your benefit, I hope.

1. To keep silverware tarnish-free, put a piece of blackboard chalk in the silverware box.

2. Those beautiful cut-glass vases, bowls, and glasses will sparkle if you wash them in soapsuds and one tablespoon of bluing (just be careful not to squirt bluing directly onto any clothes... it can leave permanent marks).

3. Use Windex spray to shine scuffed patent-leather shoes. Just take a clean cloth and wipe clean.

4. To polish copper, mix vinegar with salt and you will have beautiful, shining copper.

5. Water rings or hot-dish rings can be removed by making a thick paste of equal portions of salad oil and salt. Rub it on the spot with your fingers and let it absorb for a couple of hours. Then rub it of with a soft cloth.

6. Scorch that beautiful linen cloth? Simply rub the scorched area with a raw onion, soak in cold water for a couple of hours, then wash the linen as usual.

The above tips come from Emilie Barnes, Creative Home Organizer. This is a handy book with hundreds of tips like this - definitely a handy resource for all Home Makers.

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KehlerGirl said...

I thought I left a comment on here. I either have a great imagination or the internet ate it. Anyways, I wanted to say thanx for posting those tips. I have some silver Christmas candle holders, I'll have to try out the chalk trick. I also let my mom know about the hot-dish ring removal. She had a mishap with that at her house this Christmas. Thanx again Marlene.