Monday, December 19, 2005

Come Thou Long-expected Savior

My sister is expecting her 3rd child this week. A boy, the doctor says. It is exciting and yet I am nervous, praying for baby's safe arrival.
I wonder how Mary felt. Did she wonder "What will the face of God be like?" Maybe she was nervous about "The almighty God feeding at her breast". It must have been a time of great wonder and anticipation as she awaited the arrival of God incarnate. Yet, I somehow imagine Mary to have had great maturity and a godly mindset as she carried the promised Messiah in her womb.
I wonder some of those same things about Christ's return. "What will the face of God be like?" "What will we eat at the banquet?" "What melody will the trumpets play to herald Christ's return?" I know some of my questions are not relevant... but I am still curious. I also know that it will be different than I expect or imagine, which I'm sure was the same for Mary.
Yesterday morning my eldest son came to snuggle in bed with my husband and I, as we were enjoying some international Christmas choral music. As we were lying there, we were imagining what heaven would be like, with the angels singing around the throne. My son remarked, "I want to go there".
As I ponder that comment, I agree! Come, thou long-expected Savior. Come to set thy people free. Let us "set our minds on things above" this Christmas and remember that the return of Christ is much more exciting than any of the other "trimmings" that our world has linked to His first coming.

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