Sunday, December 25, 2005

Gloria In Excelsis Deo

Glory to God in heaven!

That is where Christmas began - in the "highest".

Jesus came down to earth from His home in heaven.

By the power of the Highest, Mary was "overshadowed" (Luke 1:35) and the Holy Spirit came upon her. What an incredible moment. A moment that cut through space and time. In that moment, God entered a woman's womb, and thereby, we were allowed the privilege of having the Son of God, on earth.

This Son of God (Luke 1:35) was also the Son of Man (John 5:27). He was placed into this special existence to accomplish God's ultimate redemption of mankind. God surely could have chosen to accomplish salvation of any creature in whatever arena or method He desired... even in heaven. However, devising the complete plan and wanting to communicate that plan clearly to mankind, He chose the moment of Christmas to cross from the sphere of life to death. This is obviously, the work of a servant-master.

Jesus could have been transported from God's side as an adult. However, God saw fit to have Him exist as a helpless, humble babe. This was foreshadowing of the sacrificial life this King would live.

This King would give up a pillow, his family, his sleep, his "personal space",... and ultimately his very blood for others. What a King! What a King?

He spoke of His kingdom as "not of this world"(John 18:36). Aha. So that is why I do not always understand it. However, I am humbled by the way Jesus proved His Kingship. And I am grateful for the way my King gave Himself up on the cross for me.

As I ponder His sacrifice, my eyes return to heaven - where my King is seated. The day is coming when I will be declaring with the masses,

"Blessing and honor and glory and power
Be to Him who sites on the throne
And to the Lamb, forever and ever!" (Rev.5:13)

Last night, at our Christmas eve service, I was gripped in my soul by the words of O Come All Ye Faithful, verse 2; "Give to our Father glory in the highest". The verse is telling the angels to do so. This is a great reminder for me to give exultation to God in heaven.

May my thoughts today be toward heaven, where my Creator is, where my King is, where my Redeemer is, where my Savior is, where my God is. He truly is worthy of my praise.

"Gloria, in excelsis deo!"

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Kim said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!