Friday, December 30, 2005

Sprinkle 'Hell' into Your Next Discussion

A recent experience in sharing the gospel with an aquaintance has left me evaluating the topic of hell. It seems our society does not want to face the reality of sure and coming judgement. People go for tests to the doctor to verify the bad news of things like cancer. Crisis is what makes stations like CNN dominate the screen. However, mention the bad news of hell and people are offended, angry, and even hostile.

Does our world want to ignore the reality? Or do they really not believe in its existence? If the latter is true, it is so surprising to see the above responses. One would expect the response to be dismissal of the topic (with maybe a look like you belong in an asylum).

I believe deep inside, we know there will be an accounting one day, and therefore our conscience is affected by the mere mention of the Lake of Fire.

As fellow citizens, is it not our duty to warn people of this impending and enormous danger? (never mind the commands in scripture to share the gospel). And how do we do this, in a gentle, kind and loving way? I know with my children, if they reach for something dangerous (like the gas stove), my voice sometimes gets a little loud and alarming, as I communicate the danger - even when I desire to show love and gentleness to them.

So back to sharing this gospel with which we are entrusted. How do we "sprinkle hell" in the discussion and communicate the good news as good news? What makes this news good? It's the fact that we are no longer slaves to sin. It's the fact that we now receive a righteousness so that we can be with God for eternity. It's the fact that our life is complete with God at the helm.

I believe these things are truly benefits of the gospel, but they may not necessarily be understood as good news to the unbeliever, even when we dialogue without "Christian-ese". However, mention this fact: with the cleansing of Christ's blood, we no longer face the judgement that our sins deserve. Maybe this is something that can be understood as "good news".

If my neighbor's house was on fire, I would run over with haste to share news of the coming danger. So why is it that we struggle with sharing the gospel? Is it because Satan desires to keep the topic of "hell" under wraps?

Yes, this is a spiritual battle we are in, ladies. Let us not forget this. And let us plead at God's throne for boldness, as Paul often did. This is sometimes not pleasant and light conversation material, but let us not shy away from showing people their sinful position, warning them of their destiny, and giving them the good news that these things can be overcome through Christ's blood. Hallelujah! It is marvelous what He accomplished. Somehow, this is how I believe we are to be the "salt" that is sprinkled in the world.

P.S. Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort have compiled what they call the Way of the Master. It has been a helpful place to start sharing my faith.

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