Monday, December 12, 2005

I Love To Tell The Story (part 2)

Continuing from yesterday...

3. What has the birth of Jesus done in my life?
This question is apropos today. You see, my 5 year-old has been having a growing desire to fantasize about Santa Claus. To some, this is not really even noteable. But after reading Noel Piper's Treasuring God in Our Traditions, I have been quite intentional in addressing Christ as the central character for Christmas. Therefore, I was discussing the matter of my son's "Santa Clogs" fascination with a friend. And this led me to ponder: what was it about the incarnation that was so significant.
Immediately my mind lept to the cross and how that was the plan all along. God "squished" Himself into the tummy of a human as part of a grand plan to save people. (Forgive my childish explanation. The reality of it gripped me as I was trying to explain "incarnation.") To think that God - the greatest, the most powerful, huge, and almighty - came to earth to complete the final acts of His dramatic manifestation of grace. His plan is so elaborate - played out over thousands of years. It is marvelous to realize that the special night in Bethlehem touches every person - from Adam to Noah, to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to Moses, to all the Israelites, to all the Gentiles, through to today - to you and I.
What has the birth done in my life? It has given me life, breath, and hope. It gives me a reason to worship. It fuels my thanksgiving. It grants me adoption to the most incredible Father. It brings me to my knees and takes me to the throne of God Almighty, allowing me to commune with Him. The birth of Jesus has given me a story to tell... please pray that I "may speak boldly, as I ought to speak"... the story that I love so much!

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