Saturday, February 24, 2007

Speaking of the Potato

Girltalk has had a good series on practical deeds we can do for others. One specifically dealt with Doing Good to Our Husbands. As I look over the list, there are several items that I can relate to quickly, and may have even done in the past month without a list to inspire the action. However, I had to stop when I encountered their suggestion: Encourage him for demonstrating a specific godly trait—in front of friends.

I hate to say, but I don't really feel comfortable praising my husband in front of other people. Without evaluating the idea more, I wonder if it's because I feel like it's related to boasting and pride - "here's my wonderful husband". Guess I'll have to search my heart more about this one.

Anyway, with Valentines having come and gone, I'm gonna use this forum to do as Girltalk has suggested. Since the Spud is undoubtedly and unabashedly my biggest fan (proof), I suspect he'll be the first to read this, as would be appropriate.

Spud, I am so encouraged and challenged by your dedication and commitment to get up early every morning to take your 2 mile walk and spend time with God. Your self-discipline (1 Cor.9:27), commitment to Christ (Matt.16:24) and denial of sleep (Mark 1:34) are traits that I admire and seek to develop. Keep abiding in these ways. Thank you for setting such an example for the boys and I.


Kim said...

I have found that this is definitely a good thing to do in front of our children, too.

Homemanager said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Kim. Building up our husbands in front of our children builds greater respect and is modeling what is good and godly in marriage for the next generation.
May I also add that we encourage them in front of other family members (parents, in-laws, siblings). This speaks volumes to them as well.
It reflects the Lord.