Saturday, February 24, 2007

Too Much Praise For Our Kids???

Albert Mohler had an interesting review of an article in the New York magazine concerning praising children too much. It's worth the read.

And if you have an ipod, you may want to start mopping the floor and take a listen to the discussion on his radio program podcast.

What are your thoughts??

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Homemanager said...

Thanks for pointing out the article. My thoughts I guess can be summarized by this: "It's all about Him (the Lord), not us".
My husband is a computer programmer and works as an adjunct professor in computing. Every fall and spring semester, he makes the same comments...the students don't know how to think. Many of them don't want to apply themselves. He has had to deal with cheating every semester that he has taught. When confronted the students display an "I deserve..." mentality.

Between this exaltation of self and the isolation or escapism through video games, tv, computer, ipods, etc. the ability to think, reason and communicate, all things that make us human beings in the image of God, have decreased. This causes mediocrity in all areas of life.

Thank the Lord that by the work of the Holy Spirit, there can be change as the Lord is truly exalted instead of ourselves and armed with hope, we reach out to others.

Thank the Lord for the Gospel!