Saturday, March 25, 2006

Can Christians Smoke?

At Pioneer Girls this week, one of our classes worked on a Broadcasting Badge. They are putting together a podcast, and the following is one of the scripts they're voicing. I thought you might find it interesting.

Harry Diculous: "Does the Bible say that you can't smoke?"

Christian: "No."

Harry Diculous: "So I can smoke then?"

Christian: "If you want to."

Harry Diculous: "Good. I need my cigarettes."

Christian: "You can eat sand if you want, too."

Harry Diculous: "Huh?"

Christian: "God created sand. Eat it if you want. But don't complain if you get a bellyache...."

That's just an excerpt from the School of Biblical Evangelism's Preacher's Progress, lesson 63.
Thought it was a unique way to look at the things that enslave us. Somehow we can be so blind to the harm that our fleshly desires pose. Doing things "God's Way" is truly for our best. So why do we insist on doing things our way? Let's evaluate our lives carefully for the "sand" we may be chewing on because of our own foolishness.

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