Saturday, March 04, 2006

Gertie !!

Gertie's come to visit and I'm not wanting to complain, but I wish she'd leave soon. She's been troubling me with her annoying ways. For much of the day, we have been co-existing but every now and then she just stings me with a cruel jab out of nowhere. My kids have been pretty much oblivious to her presence, but I'm not sure if that's because she's mostly been staying cooped up in her 'hiding place'. Her milky-white skin covers the heart of a tiny monster, I hate to say. My sleep has been disturbed for the past 3 days. Just when I seem to return to my sweet dreams, she wakes me with another reminder of her presence. It's hard sometimes to put on a smily face with her around, but like any other trooper, I'm doing the best I can.

It seems Gertie hasn't been visiting other people quite as often as she's been frequenting my place lately. My sister says she hardly ever comes by, although she too, has to admit that Gertie really is a cantankerous one!

I'm sorry to be sharing my lament with you, but I thought maybe expressing my frustration would at least ease my mental agony over this latest surprise appearance... I just hope and pray that she'll be gone by the time hubby returns from California on Monday. That's the thing with Gertie - you never really know how long she'll stay this time!

My prayer is that our relationship could heal and that there won't be any permanent scars because of our antagonism towards one another. Thanks for allowing me to vent... and maybe you could say a prayer for my situation.
p.s. Gertie is a canker sore. I thought maybe naming my ailment would give me a bit of humor to help "ease the load" of this latest malady.


Kelly said...

Wow Marlene, I was relieved to hear that Gertie was a canker sore...I have to say, I was honestly shocked to hear YOU speak about someone in that way :( But when it was revealed to us readers who Gertie was I laughed :)

Once again, you are a wonderful writer, suspense, can do it all!

Yummy Mommy said...

You are so funny. I thought Gertie was a bad attitude or a character flaw of some sort. Then I thought, maybe she just has her period because she wants it to go away before her husband gets home! Ha ha ha. I love your blog. Mine sucks so don't even bother. I am much more interesting in person!

KehlerGirl said...

Wow...Us Budd girls like to comment. I, like Kelly, thought that you were talking about a person for a little bit there, it was starting to scare me...but when Gertie was revealed I also laughed. I enjoy reading your blog. You're a very creative writer. I always enjoy reading what people write. It's interesting to see what people will come up with next. You're a very creative person.

Oh and I wanted you to know that I think you are an amazing mom. I caught a glimpse of you and Mac during the service today, and the love and respect that he shows you is a GREAT encouragement to me. Every child has there moments, but you seem to handle them like a pro. Thank-you for the good example that you are to me.

sharon said...

oh lol Marlene.I was like what the heck! I like checked to see if I was reading the right blog - haha! Anyway I hope 'Gertie' is gone before Dan gets back! lol

Marlene S. said...

Oh Abbey, I often feel like a failure with my sons. Thanks for the encouragement... especially in light of this morning's ABF with Dan Schroeder.

You can pray for me. Today I was really frustrated with Mac's attitudes. Not sure if it's just gotten worse with Dan gone, or if I've just really keyed in on what's going on in his heart because we've literally been together 24-7.

I know all children/ people face struggles in character, but I have a hard time "relaxing" about these things with my kids... and I know I need to leave these things in God's hands totally.

It was good to hear your dad's comments on Philippians 2... especially since it relates to "mommying" so well, and because it's been my coffee cup verse for the week.

God is obviously needing to grip my heart in this regard.
Blessings for your week.