Saturday, March 11, 2006

Modesty Defined

After discussing my post about modesty with a friend recently, I thought I'd give a helpful link. This gives a quick test to examine our modesty and it was of benefit for me to check my own attire.

It's called the Heart Check, put out by the women of Girltalk at Sovereign Grace Ministries.

I'd be interested how you fare with it. I'm also interested in places to purchase modest clothing. Last year I taught the Jr.High Girls class for Sunday School and tried to give them a list of some "good" stores to find modest clothes. I'd welcome any suggestions you may have.


Homemanager said...

Thanks Marlene! I went to Sovereign Grace and spent some time reading out loud to my daughters and discussed each point that they made. Then I made a copy for each of them and one for myself! :o)

Marlene S. said...

You know, I had to get rid of a few clothes after I did the test. Some of them would even have been considered modest, according to the world's standards. But as I had some tangible guidelines, I realized I wasn't being as modest as I perhaps should be.

Long-waisted undershirts have helped me too. I now layer them under shirt-waisted Ts and then I haven't had to get rid of as many tops. They have helped cover my mid-section if I bend over or reach for something up high or "praise the Lord" with my arms outstretched :)

Blessings to you and your girls.

Marlene S. said...

oops. should always proof-read. that 2nd paragraph 2nd sentence should read, "short-waisted Ts"

Homemanager said...

:) We have been in that "baggy" state that you have mentioned in your post. We are hoping to change that some. We want to be able to dress in such a way that we feel "pretty". We are all tall. My oldest and I are 5'8", my second oldest is 5'7", so we don't always find that dresses and skirts are long enough. My girls also have a longer torso, so I look for "talls" if a store carries them.

Where have you found the long-waisted undershirts? Are they sleeveless or more like a T-Shirt?

Praising the Lord with our arms outstretched can sometimes be a problem. :)

Oh, BTW, I found some of that linen water. Walmart actually had some! On the bottle, it said that you can add it to your rinse cycle and it would add fragrance to the clothes. I added it to my sheets! It was a fresher scent. Made me think of Song of Solomon! :)

Marlene S. said...

The undershirts I got were actually from the men's department at Wal-mart. They're sleeveless and ribbed. The women's department ones were too short, and my boys were not allowing me the luxury of heading to the mall to check out women's shops.

Not sure if you have Reitman's in your area, but I just discovered their tall pants, and if they also do skirts, I would highly recommend that store. The pants i recently got are nice, fashionable, tall, and yet not "low rise" like in so many places.

All the best.