Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Glamorous Life Of Motherhood

I haven’t posted for the past few days because we had a virus run its course in our house. For those of you that are mothers, this story will probably be one of your own experiences. It definitely dispels some of the romanticized pictures of motherhood.

It began Thursday around 5 pm. I had just started fixing supper: spaghetti (which will prove to be a bit of a lamentable choice within 5 hours). As I was chopping the peppers, my stomach felt a little queesie (sp?) but as all mothers do, I proceeded to focus my attention on the task at hand. By the time dinner was served at 6, I excused myself and lay down on the sofa in front of the fireplace.

"Ah, maybe a little rest and calm in front of the flames will help. Just wake me up in an hour," was my request. Sleep came quickly and easily. My truly wonderful husband must have known something was "up" and managed to wrestle the boys to sleep without my stirring. By 8:30 the house was quiet. He tapped me just before 9, said he was heading out to his men’s bible study (it goes from 9-11 pm), and suggested I head to bed for a better rest. I followed his advice, but as I moved from downstairs to upstairs past the kitchen, I figured it might be prudent to pick up a big bowl.

The bed felt so soft and so snuggly. I again quickly dozed off, but was up in about 45 minutes, glad that I had brought the big bowl upstairs with me. After gagging for what felt like 10 minutes, though it was probably no more than 2, I felt better and went back to dreamland.
Not 30 minutes later I was awoken by the cry, "Mummy. Help!" It was my 5 year-old, emptying his supper on our carpet, as he was making his way to my room. (Good thing I had made that spaghetti!) Well, I helped him out of his desperate situation, and started to clean up the mess, when I started to feel sick again. At this point I was wishing hubby hadn’t gone to Bible study, but also thinking I was glad he wasn’t at a hockey game or I’d probably have to struggle with feelings of bitterness.

Then my 2 year-old woke up. As the older boy and mommy are both sitting in the bathroom, wretching, his eyes were getting bigger and bigger. I don't think he can remember vomiting, at least, not since he was a baby. So this was a really educational moment. He was a little overwhelmed by the situation, plus tired, and so he began to cry. Wail actually.

And then came one of those stellar moments, when in the midst of it all, I knew this is what motherhood is all about: giving of myself, even in my hour of weakness.

Turns out we were all feeling much better the next day. Vinegar and club soda went a long way to get rid of the stains on the carpet. But I treasure the reminder I received amidst the "momentary affliction". Motherhood is truly a glamorous life. Not Hollywood glamorous. But glamorous in service. It is a way to relate to Christ in self-sacrifice that I am so grateful for. In fact, I sometimes wish I hadn’t waited until I was 30 to enter this blessed profession of motherhood. It may truly seem like a "sick" way of thinking, but I’m glad we had the flu. Glad because it reminded me that when I am weak, Christ is my strength. Glad because I was able to give of myself when it wasn’t easy. Glad because I have the best job in the world and just needed a "sick day" to be reminded of that!


Mike said...

Hi Marlene....this is a splindid blog. I'm gonna enjoy keeping up with your writing.

Kim from Hiraeth said...

Oh, I'm glad you're all feeling better!

Thanks for the reminder of how precious it is to be a mother and the blessings we receive, even in the face of soiled carpets, crying toddlers, and absent husbands. It is a calling, isn't it?

Kim said...

Oh, I remember those days. Seems like when they get older, those days are fewer.

When my second child was about two weeks old, I developed mastitis, and was very, very sick while my husband was at a dinner for his job. I eventually had to page him. I could not tend to my baby let alone the 3 year old I had at the time. I made her stay in bed with books.

Kelly said...

Next time may I suggest making alfredo instead (hahha). Oh Marlene that was a wonderful story to read with a great reflection at the end. God is strong when we are weak. Thanks for the reminder!

Homemanager said...

Hi Marlene,
So glad that you are all feeling better.
I'm glad that you shared about the Lord being strong when we are weak.
I was recently thinking about giving birth. Our first (18) and our last (5 tomorrow) were both C-sections. Being impatient to have my first, I remembered complaining to the Lord that I wanted things to hurry up. He brought to mind the scripture from Hebrews about "enduring the cross for the joy set before Him"...
While on the op table, they took one arm out to the side for blood pressure and the other out to the other side for pulse. While I laid there, I thought about my position and remembered the scripture. The Lord has blessed us mothers to truly sacrifice many things, but in the process we are sharing in His suffering. Just a few thoughts...The Lord is so good!

KehlerGirl said...

Thanx for the little reminder that is in indeed a wonderful thing to be a mother. I myself have been struggling with trying to enjoy it the last few days (my kids are also sick...thankfully they're not throwing up though). However it is VERY true that God is our strength when we are weak. Thanx so much for your view on things, it helps to be reminded that we can't do it on our own.

Lynn of St. John's said...

Yes indeed, Praise God, Motherhood is a wonderful vocation.My daughter has a new baby,he came to our house to spend the night last weekend. He still wakes up every three hours so his parents needed some sleep. I also have a two year old grandson and 5 year old granddaughter, I've got our family pictures posted at the Blog called Windows Ministry. Sometime soon when your little one is napping come visit me.