Sunday, February 12, 2006

Keys To The Kingdom -Part 4

The fourth key to a married kingdom is learning to love your spouse completely. Matthew 22:37 says, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind." I believe that similar to our love for God is our love for our husbands. We can demonstrate our love to God, by loving our husbands.

Next to our love for God is our love for our husbands and we need to pursue this love wholeheartedly. It seems rather ironic to me that the world continually tries to find love and unfold its mystery… and yet never really does. I believe the link needed between a man and woman for true love to exist is God. Afterall, He is love!

One of the Greek words for love is agape. Agape love is plugged-in to an eternal power source (God), and it can go on operating when other loves fail. It loves… no matter what! Agapeo is as unconditional as God’s love for us and this is the attitude we need to bear with our husbands. This reminds me of a situation in my life right now.

I have a friend who is the most loving, caring, sharing person that I know. She is a sweetheart! And just last fall her husband had an affair with another woman- her best friend's sister. Clearly you can imagine what my friend has been going through. Her husband has also been doing some rather cruel things. For instance, he bought a new house for his new woman and himself – just down the street from where my friend and the kids were living. Hurt, pain, rejection are all words my friend knows and all of us feel for her.
As I was talking to my mom about everything, we both agreed that it would be very tough for us to take back our husbands if they were ever to do something like that. But as I spoke with my friend Saturday night, she said something to me that I will never forget. She said, "Marlene, I cannot love my husband– not in my human nature. But I ask God to give me love for him… and He does, and that is the only reason I keeep the door open for him to come home."

Now the situation is not resolved, but who knows, if God keeps giving my friend the agape love that’s needed to mend the marriage, there may be a happy ending yet. But the lesson speaks loud enough. We have to love our husbands, NO MATTER WHAT!

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