Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentines Reading

So I'm in the process of reading 4 books on marriage right now. Not because we are experiencing problems, but for a variety of reasons. This afternoon, my kids were at "grandma's house" and so mommy indulged in one of her favorite things: reading. I actually read a bit in each of these, believe it or not. They're all great books and so I'm wanting to nibble a bit here and a bit there, kind of like at a great buffet. I'll do a complete review of each book as I finish them, but here are some teasing thoughts:

1. Fruit of Her Hands by Nancy Wilson was passed on to me by a very good and trusted friend that extolled the virtues of this book. I have been finding it a truly valuable book, and will likely add it to my list of "best books". It is straight talk about being a wife in the 21st century amidst the garbage we are fed by Oprah and the like about "wifery". This book is not for the faint of heart, but for those that are truly ready to submit to their husbands as unto the Lord.

2. Debi Perl has a new book out called, Created To Be His Help Meet. I came upon this book at a homeschooling store yesterday. The first chapter points out the fact that we as women have been created to be help meets to our husband. She encourages us to be what God designed us to be... since we will function incredibly when we stick to His ways. I can't wait to put more effort into helping Dan. It was very inspirational to read her ideas.

3. The Joy of a Word-filled Family, by John Barnett is another helpful book. This one is geared for parents, but has some excellent chapters on being godly mothers and wives. His wife collaborates with him on a few chapters. My greatest challenge thus far has been his opening thought that I need to completely surrender myself to God in order to be a "proper" mother and wife- "proper" meaning "as God intended me to be and behave". We've had this book sitting on our shelf since last March, and I finally picked it up when I was sick a few weeks back. Haven't put it down since.

4. The last book that I'm working on is called Reforming Marriage, by Douglas Wilson (#1's husband.) I came upon his chapter on the marriage bed this afternoon. Since I was reading Song of Solomon this morning, this chapter was quite apropos. This is definitely helpful material, even after years of happy marriage. I definitely look forward to the "practical" side of growing even better in this area of my marriage, and I am grateful for the sensitive, dignified, godly, and exhorting way Mr. Wilson addresses the sexual relationship.

Well, I look forward to reaping all the rewards of my reading. Just hope my "pea-brain" can keep all the valuable information in an accessible place. Should make my hubby happy, to say the least!!


KehlerGirl said...

I'm interested to look into a few of those books. I've read bits and pieces of the "Created To Be His Help Meet" and have really enjoyed it. I want to buy that one, and finish what I started. Thanx Marlene.

Homemanager said...

Thank you for the recommendations. I will definitely look into that first one.

Marlene S. said...

Abbey, if you don't mind reading a book that's highlighted, you can borrow mine when I'm finished. I'm hoping to do a chapter a day, which means I should be done somewhere around the end of March. Let me know if that suits you. It'll save you $22.

Kim said...

I like the books written by both Nancy and Doug Wilson. His book Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning was one of the best books I read about classical education.

Yummy Mommy said...

I read Created to be his helpmeet a few times over now and I frequently use illustrations from it in my home bible study with women married to unbelievers. It was one of the best books I've ever read. Debi is a smart lady!

martha_martha said...

Thanks for those recommendations... I've only read the first one, but that was really good and helpful (I also recommend Praise Her in the Gates and Future Men as helpful parenting resources from the same series). Good to remember that no matter how short or long we've been married, there's lots of learning and studying left to do!

Stephanie said...

Hey there from sunny Nanaimo! In case you don't recognise the name, it's Stephanie Chaisson. I saw your link on Kelly Budd's page, so I thought I'd check it out! What an amazing inspiration you are to me. I'm definately doing to have to check those books out, as I'm an avid reader as well! Thanks for the tips.

TulipGirl said...

We usually gives Reforming Marriage (along with something frivolous) as our standard wedding present.

I'm less-than-thrilled with Debi Pearl's book, though, to be honest. Have you seen Kristen's review? She goes chapter by chapter and highlights good points and areas of concern.