Saturday, February 18, 2006

Laundry Room Confessional - Part 2

I will continue the Sins of Commission, but before I do: an ironing tip. Four or five years ago, when my sister was living in the US, she bought me some Linen Water, as a Christmas present. It is a lovely fragranced water that helps scent your laundry while helping steam it. I have now even resorted to ironing my bedsheets, because it is so nice to crawl into bed when the sheets smell beautiful, as well as look beautiful. Plus it makes me feel like a Proverbs woman (Proverbs 7:17 "I have sprinkled my bed with myrrh, aloe and cinnamon". ) Lately I've seen these Linen Waters available in Canada at places like Winners and specialty shops. I'm almost out of mine, so I'll probably go out and find some more.

Now back to the Laundry Room Confessional...

Sins of Commission - Part 2

LYING: Any species of designed deception for a selfish reason is lying. If you design to make an impression by words or looks or actions, contrary to the naked truth, God calls it a lie and charges ou with lying.

CHEATING: Write down whenever you have dealt with a person and done to him that which you would not like him to have done to you. That is cheating.

HYPOCRISY: How many times have you confessed sins that you did not mean to break off? Or prayed to impress others rather than God?

ROBBING GOD: Instances when you have misspent your time and squandered hours that God gave you to serve Him. Times when you have misapplied your abilities or wasted God's money on things you did not need. Didn't tithe properly. You have sinned.

* These thoughts were compiled from a devotional on Spiritual Power by Charles Finney. Although I don't agree with him on all his points of theology, I found these thoughts to lead to repentance helpful. Thanks to adult sunday school, where a friend shared these thoughts.


Homemanager said...

I have never heard of the linen waters. What is the name brand and where did you get them?
It might spur me on to love and "good deeds!" :o)

Marlene S. said...

I don't have the bottle anymore, so I don't know the brand name. But I have seen them at Winners. Do you have that store where you live? And maybe Williams & Sonoma. (we just got that store up here in Canada. I've only been in it quickly and I'm not completely familiar with their stock... not to mention that it's pretty pricey.) I'll try and ask my sister where she got it in the US.

Homemanager said...

We don't have a Winners, but I have, like you, been in and out quickly of Williams & Sonoma. You are right, they are pricey. :)
I loved the scripture you included in your post about sprinkling the bed with myrrh, aloe and cinnamon. It is a very pleasant and "homey" kind of thought....special! :)