Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Beef On A Bun

A friend gave me this recipe, and I have in turn passed it on to loads of friends, so if you like it, pass it on...

Shredded Beef (On A Bun)

Take ANY beef roast and cover with spices, salt, pepper and a bit of flour. SEAR the roast in frying pan and place in roaster. Rub minced garlic into top of meat & then pour french onion soup mix over top of garlic. Pour one can/bottle of beer into roaster - soak soup mix without washing it off the roast. (I have been using the almost no-alcohol kind that you can buy in the grocery store and it works fine.) Add one beef bouillon cube to the liquid in the roaster. Bake at 300 degrees for at least 6 hours for maximum tenderness. Check after a few hours - add more beer or water if getting dry. Shred beef apart with 2 forks and mix together with the juices.
Serve with buns.

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