Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Next PM

We have a new Prime Minister in Canada. A conservative. Opinions about him vary tremendously, but time will show his ability to lead our country. As the election results were streaming in last night, there was a small feature about his upbringing and childhood years. This made me reflect on a home-schooling seminar my friend went to. It talked about raising the leaders of tomorrow. One of their main thoughts was that you need to be an example of "greatness" to inspire "greatness". They discussed the idea of raising "statesmen" by studying the founding fathers of confederation: their ideals and methods for building the New World.

Not that I'm suggesting we all focus on bringing up the next prime minister, or senator, but I needed this reminder that my sons have a purpose in God's grand plan. Whether it be prime minister, missionary or carpenter, the "greatness" is not in the profession, but how we use the profession to affect this world. I have been challenged to do the very best I can to raise men that look beyond themselves. Men that are used of God to do His work.

This causes me to raise my bar of expectations just a little higher. No longer do I simply want my children to get a job, be a faithful citizen, be a good father (though these are aspects of their character that I do want to develop), but I want them to be faithful to the calling God has placed on their life. As I read Eph.2:10 and consider that text for my sons in ten years or so, it encourages me to be diligent with every moment they're under my care. I am a part of enabling them to "do the good deeds God has prepared" for them. By teaching them various aspects of "living", I will ultimately help equip them for God's work as they choose to follow Him.

And this leaves me at the feet of God, begging for wisdom for today. It's an "important" day. Part of God's design needs to be accomplished. Oh how I dare not squander my time. And yet, I can rest in the power of the Holy Spirit to work in spite of me. What a wonder that God uses us to do His work. What a wonder, what a privilege, what a responsibility. All the best, my fellow mothers as you raise the next generation to do the work of Almighty God.


Kelly said...

Powerful Marlene. I will remember the lessons in this post for my future. I may not have children of my own, but I will have students of my own, very soon. When you said: "the 'greatness' is not in the profession, but how we use the profession to affect this world", it hit home. I hope to impact my students (and someday children) in this way as well. I want to help my students discover that very concept. Thank you for putting it into words.

dcYpl said...

Thank you, Marlene, for the reminder that with each new day we have another opportunity to serve God by caring for His children and teaching them the ways of the Lord. I often get weighed down by the repetitive tasks involved in raising two young girls. Your insight reminds me to raise my eyes heavenward as I prepare these two young vessels to serve God. (I have enjoyed your other blogs as well...Martha Stewart is one of my favourite magazines)

robyn said...

Sorry...that last comment was actually me ; )
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