Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Mystery

My bible study group is studying John and we are currently on John 6:22-59. I am so glad this passage is included in scripture. It has become a very dear passage to me because it "explains" the mystery of God's sovereignty and our free will existing simultaneously. In my "logic" this does not compute , but I'm glad for John's words to illustrate the outworking of "believing", or as Christ describes, eating the "bread of life."

Here's a brief summary of John's statements:
v.37 "All that the Father gives me"
v.39 "all that He has given me"
v.44 "unless the Father draws him"
v.45 "and they shall all be taught by God"

2. HUMAN RESPONSE INVOLVED (verbs committed by believing people)
v.35 "he who comes to Me... he who believes in Me"
v.37 "the one who comes to Me"
v.40 "everyone who sees the Son and believes in Him"
v.44 "come to Me"
v.45 "everyone who has heard and learned from the Father... comes to Me"
v.47 "he who believes in Me"
v.51 "if anyone eats this bread"
v.53 "unless you eat the flesh... drink His blood"
v.54 "whoever eats My flesh... drink My blood"
v.56 "He who eats my flesh... drinks My blood"
v.57 "he who feeds on Me"
v.58 "He who eats this bread"

Verse 44 highlights the fact that God is ultimately behind the process, "No one can come to Me unles the Father who sent Me draws him," but I'm interested with the many verbs John uses to describe the human involvement in this mystery called "believing".

Bottom line for me is that I am so grateful that God has drawn me, taught me and given me to Jesus. This gives me great security. And at the same time, I am fascinated with my responsibility to come, believe, eat, drink, and feed on the "bread of life", Jesus. It's a true mystery (Eph.1:9) and a wonderful reality.


Kelly said...


Thank you for the reminder that God is always offering His gift of life and fellowship to us, we just have to act and choose to accept it. Here's a bad analogy, but it came to my mind so...Kind of like a 24hrs. Wendy's drive through: always open, we just have to order...and Jesus is in the passenger seat (or drivers) saying "it's on me, I'll pay" :)

I too am thankful (and have to be reminded often) that God softened my heart and drew me to Him. Without that who knows where I'd be spiritually and physically???

Thank you Lord my savior!

Homemanager said...

Thanks so much for the post. I think this mystery can be a real hang up for some christians. They want to believe that they had come to the Lord on their own, that they made that decision. This does seem to be a "king-pin" for understanding our salvation, the Lord's love for us throughout our walk, and evangelism. With evangelism I've seen people get quite discouraged because they haven't seen anyone "come" and so there is alot of struggle and condemnation, rather than trusting in the One who draws. They somehow feel that they didn't do something quite right. I think this is a such an important and freeing piece of truth. Thank you Lord!
Thanks again for your post.