Friday, January 06, 2006

CD Review - Awesome God

Bob Kauflin, of Covenant Life Church, compiled a CD titled, Awesome God. It is targeted at children 7 thru 12 years, but I suggest it is enjoyable to all ages.

The songs are meaty in content, rich in instrumentation, and catchy for the memory. This makes listening to the CD a truly multi-sensory experience. My children were dancing around the kitchen to many of the songs (with their dad, though he may not want me to disclose that "charismatic" bit of his personality.)

Here's a quick summary of the content that I appreciated in each song:

1) Awesome God - Rockin' music highlights lyrics that are like an updated "O Worship the King". This song is a great way for children to sing praise to God.

2) Forever God - This tune describes how God goes "on and on and on and on..." A great look at the immutability of God in terms a young child can relate to. (I love the guitar on this one!)

3) You Are Always With Me - The omniscience of God is the topic of this song. Then the chorus echoes the psalmist's sentiment, "Where could I go? Where could I hide?" This one will surely be a favorite with the boys because of the instrumentals.

4) Who Is Like You? The musical introduction to this one makes me think of driving across the prairies, and the words would definitely describe that picture in my mind, "Who is like you, O Lord/ Clothed with splendor and light, Who is like you, O Lord/ Armed with Power and Might/ And who am I O Sovereign Lord, that I should know Your Love." It reminds me of W.O Mitchell, looking out over the vastness of the plains, saying he felt like a "pea on the edge of a saucer". Clearly no one is like God, and this song reminds us of that!

5) Sovereign One - Almost like a lullaby, this song gives great assurance in the sovereignty of God. I'll definitely memorize this one to sing to my 2 year-old when he wakes in the middle of the night.

6) Mighty, Mighty Savior - This is my favorite song! It starts with the depravity of man, "No one is good/ No one is holy before God" and continues to unfurl the entire gospel. I've been wanting a song for the Pioneer Girls that could stick in their minds and (maybe 20 years from now) give them the information they need to come to salvation. This is it!

7) Jesus Came to Earth - We often talk about Jesus with children and I think this song gives the complete character and works of Christ, in the capsule of a song. A helpful song with teaching in the verse and a response of praise in the chorus.

8) Your Love - 1,2,3,4!! This "screamin' acid" rock song is the stuff that dreams are made of! It's engrained in my mind, which is great, considering it focuses on God's love. Plus, it doesn't just speak of God's love, with regards to the cross, but continues to the discipline God gives us 'in love'. A really balanced look at the love of God.

9) Three In One - Great teaching on the trinity makes the lyrics of this number invaluable. It is a wonderful way to learn about God, as well as worship Him, through song.

10) For You Are Holy - By looking at the Creator's uniqueness, this song climaxes in the chorus, "Lord, You are Holy". Again, an opportunity for kids to ascribe worth to the Lord - the worth that He alone deserves.

11) The Gospel Song - Just 4 lines of lyric, but a great summary of the gospel found in those lines. The gentle guitar is a beautiful accompaniment to the simple truth.

12) Have You Heard? This song brought me to tears the first time I listened to it. It is an honest witness, "This is the best news that we could ever hear... by trusting in Jesus Christ, in His saving sacrifice, We can be made new."

In summary, this is one of the best children's CDs I have yet encountered. I find the music enjoyable and the lyrics stimulating. Thank you to the men who wrote the songs, and to the singers and musicians who produced it.


martha_martha said...

Sounds really good! We're thinking of getting this one for our kids... I was going to put my name on the list for that one too, but didn't do it in time. Oh well, I'm happy to pay for stuff that's really worth having (Sovereign Grace puts out some really good CDs).

Tim Ellsworth said...


Came across your blog while looking for reviews of this CD. Sounds like you and my wife have many similar interests. Her blog is if you want to check it out.